Fintech Project FINPLE for the Creation of Common Value


The FINPLE Project provides services that will revolutionize the global economic system

Companies can create a crypto business ecosystem at a reasonable cost and in a short period of time. FINPLE users can indirect investment in FINPLE participating companies by purchasing Corporate tokens.
As the infrastructure expands, the usage and retention of FINPLE tokens will increase.With the expansion of partnerships and users, FINPLE will be the centerpiece for Crypto Finance.

FINPLE development platform is designed to be easy to use for businesses and users.
Business expansion is possible by linking the company's unique points with the issued token of the FINPLE Project.


FINPLE Platform for Enterprises

Financial Companies Participated in FINPLE Platform

FINPLE blockchain project provides companies an opportunity to enter new cryptocurrency ecosystem while continuing their existing services


Various domestic and foreign companies (distribution, healthcare, medical, etc.) have a need to adopt blockchain. Local companies want to expand into new businesses, but are limited by realistic and material constraints.


FINPLE participants are able to develop their own blockchain products easily and quickly. By receiving FINPLE tokens, the participating companies become part of supernode ecosystem (creating future value), and by participating in the hard fork ecosystem (present value creation) companies can increase their profits.


✓ You can quickly switch to a blockchain business while maintaining your corporate identity.
✓ Share the profits of the FINPLE ecosystem.
✓ The business model can be used to attract funds.

FINPLE Platform for Users

Users Participated in FINPLE Platform

FINPLE blockchain platform offers users a chance to make an indirect investment in cryptocurrency industries, which will be designed, managed and reviewed by specialist companies


The skyrocketing price of BTC and Altcoins in 2017 brought many new and unexperienced investors into the world of cryptocurrency. However, there was a lot of false information that hurt many inexperienced investors.


With the FINPLE platform, you can easily access the business services of all participants without any limitations.


✓ By purchasing FINPLE tokens, and participating as a node, you can receive a portion of the profits from the FINPLE ecosystem.
✓ You can earn profits from the rise in the value of FINPLE.


Issuance and Integration of FINPLE Tokens & Corporate Tokens

FINPLE Token & Company Token Issuance and Interlocking

FINPLE is used as a base and Salki is issued as a base for companies

Platform Token (FINPLE)

FINPLE Tokens are used as the key currency within the ecosystem. FINPLE Tokens make it easy to apply blockchain services by issuing tokens according to the characteristics and circumstances of the company.

Company Token(SALKI)

Participating companies issue their own customized Corporate tokens for use within the FINPLE ecosystem. Companies can issue their own Corporate tokens by depositing them in collateral or payment guarantees with FINPLE Tokens (FPT).


✓ FINPLE(FPT) is used as a means of node formation.
✓ Become a member of the ecosystem by holding FPT tokens or Corporate tokens.
✓ It is possible to participate directly or indirectly in financial products by holding Corporate tokens.
✓ Holding a certain amount of Corporate tokens gives your voting rights, which allows you to make suggestions to the company.



FINPLE blockchain platform FIn-Util is a utility service that connects businesses and users organically


FINUTIL is a FIN-Util platform that connects FINPLE tokens used as key currencies in the ecosystem and Corporate tokens (SALKI) issued by each participating company.


Corporate tokens can be traded (via the FINUTIL platform) and Corporate tokens and FINPLE tokens can be exchanged according to the current market value.


FINUTIL provides the following functions for the maintenance of the ecosystem.

✓ Exchange of external coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and FINPLE tokens
✓ Exchange of FINPLE token and Corporate token (Project dependent)
✓ Exchange between Corporate tokens
✓ Information on cryptocurrency traded at home and abroad
✓ Combination with Cold Wallet (Trezor, Nano Ledger, etc.)
✓ Other social linking features


Ecosystem Expansion

Ecosystem Expansion

As the infrastructure of the FINPLE Blockchain Financial Platform expands, FINPLE's usage and holdings will increase.
As a result, the FINPLE Blockchain Financial Platform will become a core business in the 4th Industrial Revolution by encouraging and expanding cooperation between companies and the community.

HARD-FORK Ecosystem

HARD-FORK Ecosystem

SUPER-NODE Ecosystem

SUPER-NODE Ecosystem


Crypto Partners

Eco Partners


In addition to solid business models and stable blockchain technology, the members that are involved in the business are also important factors of success.



FINPLE & 3I Financial Development Institute

FINPLE & 3I Financial Development Institute

The FINPLE Committee is comprised of experts tailored to the field and industry of the project, analyzes and assesses the risks and possibilities of financial instruments, and supervises and advises on progress.



FINPLE English White Paper Available for Download